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Dr. Bert Raphael, TCC, CTC
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You are either using or planning to use TRAMS, the best automated system for helping you manage your travel agency.

But are you making the most out of your investment in TRAMS?

Some agencies use TRAMS only to prepare their ARC reports.

Others also use TRAMS to:

TRAMS rich capabilities can be your advantage in today's competitive environment. Why not get up to speed now?

Bert Raphael can teach you and your staff how to benefit most by effective use of your computer systems. By appropriately combining the capabilities of your CRS, the TRAMS software, and the other hardware and software available for your personal computer(s), Bert can help make your business more profitable while making your management tasks simpler.

Don't get frustrated...

...get help!

Bert Raphael can help you and your staff use computer systems more effectively. For example, Bert can help you:


Scripts by J&B are sold at a fixed price for the complete package, as described on the web site, www.TramsScripts.com , and include installation help and usage support.

Bert normally charges for independent consulting and training by the hour, with a two-hour minimum. There is no charge for travel time to any agency between San Francisco or Berkeley and the Santa Cruz/Capitola area. Travel time and expenses would be added for more distant locations. Fees for special projects are open to negotiation.

Contact Bert by phone, fax or e-mail. Appointments can be arranged at your convenience, including evenings and weekends.

Other services:

In addition to TRAMS Back Office , Bert can help you get started with Client Base Plus , at special introductory rates. He can also help you with selecting and installing hardware and software for other Windows -based computer applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, e-mail, and Internet browsers. And he can advise you on the best ways for your office to set up networks, e-mail, and high-speed access to the Internet, which have become critical components of modern travel agency operations.

About the TCC program

TRAMS, Inc. has certified about 50 independent contractors as "TRAMS Certified Consultants" (TCC). Each TCC meets rigorous standards of experience and competence in the TRAMS system, and must pass annual recertification tests. Agencies that use TRAMS can draw on this pool of consultants to get specialized help, far beyond the help that is provided by TRAMS Inc. as part of the software subscription, in such areas as installing and upgrading TRAMS and training staff in its effective use. Using a TCC can therefore enable an agency to get the most out of its TRAMS subscription in the shortest possible time.

The TCCs set their own rates and negotiate independently with the travel agencies that can benefit from their services.

About Bert Raphael

Dr. Bertram Raphael, a TCC and a Certified Travel Counselor, holds a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from MIT (1964). He is author of The Thinking Computer (W.H.Freeman & Co., 1976) and numerous technical articles, and has lectured throughout the world on artificial intelligence and other topics in computer science. When his wife founded a travel agency in 1981, Dr. Raphael helped with its financial management, and developed early automated accounting software for it. In 1990, after a thirty year career in computer research and management, Dr. Raphael joined his wife full time in operating Compass Point Travel Inc. In 1997 the Raphaels sold Compass Point Travel, and Dr. Raphael is spending an increasing portion of his time as a TCC, applying his computer skills to solving travel agency problems for other agencies.